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We have released Private Tours with a chartered vehicle!


Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, & Osaka Complete Tour by Taxi (7 Days)

This is your invitation to experience the magical sights and sound of Japan in a comfortable and secure environment. Japan Golden Route is one of the most popular tour of Charter Bus & Limousine Japan. This package starts from the metropolitan Tokyo to Mt.Fuji and Hakone then finishes with exploring the city of Kyoto and Osaka. This is the great value for the price and the ultimate tour to experience the traditional culture and the splendid nature of Japan.

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Hokkaido Sapporo Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

North island Hokkaido is a popular destination with romantic city views and the great nature!


Hokkaido Furano and Biei Tour by Taxi (10 Hours)

Best starting point of Hokkaido travel! This is our featured tour in summer season to the picturesque rural landscape area of Biei and Furano. In spacious Hokkaido area which makes hard to move here and there, Our charter bus and limousine service are here to help you! Our staff will assist you to choose the best vehicle for your group and make your trip an unforgettable one!


Nikko Tour by Taxi from Tokyo (9 Hours)

Get out of Tokyo with a one-day excursion to Nikko! 
Nikko is known as beauty spot with the beautiful mountains and lake including Toshogu, where deify Ieyasu Tokugawa.
Nikko Edomura is another popular theme park where you can enjoy the town from Edo period.


Tokyo One Day Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

The capital Tokyo has the beautiful contrast between metropolitan skyscrapers and traditional culturre!
The ultimate tour of Tokyo! You can see all of the interesting places in Tokyo area.


Tokyo Half Day Tour by Taxi (4 Hours)

Get a taste of Tokyo with this 4 hours tour. You will visit historical and most popular sites in Tokyo.


Tokyo One Day Shopping Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

We will take you to the best shopping places in Tokyo & release you from carrying all the shopping bags!


Tokyo Cherry Blossoms Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

*Only available in the season : late March - early April

It's that time of the season again. Tokyo's cherry blossom trees will spring into full bloom, creating an ocean of pink and white.


Manga Anime Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

This is an extreme tour for Manga, Anime fans, visiting all meccas to experience Japanese pop culture!


Mt. Fuji private tour by Taxi from Tokyo (9 Hours)

The most popular destination. Its symbolic beauty attracts all the tourists from around the world!
Get out of Tokyo with a one-day excursion to Mt.Fuji and Lake Kawaguchi.


Yokohama Tour by Taxi from Tokyo (8 Hours)

Yokohama is a beautiful city where port and big town coexists.
Towards the end of the Edo Period (1603-1867), during which Japan maintained a policy of self-isolation, Yokohama's port was one of the first to be opened to foreign trade in 1859. Consequently, Yokohama quickly grew from a small fishing village into one of Japan's major cities. Let's feel the sea breeze with CBL.


Kamakura Tour by Taxi from Tokyo (8 Hours)

Kamakura is a very popular tourist destination for its temples, shrines, historical monuments.


Kanazawa Day Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

Due to the new Hokuriku Shinkansen (Bullet train) line opened in March 2015, connecting Kanazawa to Tokyo, a tour of Kanazawa city is becoming popular. Located in Ishikawa prefecture, the capital city Kanazawa has much to offer for visitors both traditional and modern.


Shirakawago Tour by Taxi from Takayama (7 Hours)

Not to mention "village of architecture of gassho-zukuri (thatched roof house)" registered with a world heritage in the Shirakawa volost, this is an area where you can feel the magnificent nature and old lifestyle culture with Hirase-onsen where the onsen source comes from the foot of sacred mountain Hakusan.


Kyoto One Day Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

The beautiful city of history. Full of world heritage temples and traditional culture over thousand years!


Kyoto Arashiyama Tour by Taxi (4 Hours)

Arashiyama area in western Kyoto is one of the most beautiful places to visit especially in the cherry blossom season and the foliage season in Japan. The combination of the traditional culture with the great nature will be spectacular.


Osaka Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

The ultimate tour of Osaka! You can see all of the interesting places in Osaka area.


Nara Tour by Taxi from Osaka (8 Hours)

Nara City is the old capital city of Japan and the birthplace of Japanese Buddhism because of which a lot of Buddhist temple was built and many of them are now well conserved as World Heritage.


Kobe Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

Kobe is the capital of Hyogo Prefecture and one of Japan's ten largest cities. Kobe has been an important port city for many centuries. Its port was among the first to be opened to foreign trade in the 19th century alongside the ports of Yokohama, Nagasaki, Hakodate and Niigata.


Hiroshima Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

Come see the rich culture of Hiroshima and breath taking view of Miyajima!
There is a big Torii gate on the ocean at Miyajima island which is famous for Itsukushima shrine, one of world heritage sites in Japan.


Nagoya Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

Nagoya is the capital city of Aichi prefecture. Home of Toyota and is a great place for just about everything museums, temples, nature and great local food.


Fukuoka Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

Fukuoka is the largest city in Kyushu area. It is said that various kinds of cultures came in due to large amount of trading with Eastern Asia for centuries. Also, Fukuoka is known as the origin of Japanese green tea, soba, udon, and manjyu.


Nagasaki Tour by Taxi (8 Hours)

As one of Japan's closest port cities to the Asian mainland, Nagasaki has played a prominent role in foreign trade relations for many centuries and was the most important of only a very few ports open to restricted numbers of foreign traders during Japan's period of isolation. That is why Nagasaki has harmonize with exotic atmosphere. Let's feel the exotic atmosphere with CBL


Okinawa Tour from Naha by Taxi (9 Hours)

Okinawa that is located Southern part of Japan is surrounded by beautiful nature and ocean.
Okinawa has their own unique culture, which is so different from Tokyo or Osaka, Okinawa is a popular destination spot for both Japanese and foreign travelers.