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Experience the Elegant Performance from a Shimabara Tayuu in Kyoto



Make your visit to Kyoto an even more special time with this Shimabara Tayuu Experience. Many people will associate Kyoto with the temples and shrines, and of course the traditional cultures of the Geisha and the tea ceremonies. With this experience you will be able to experience another side of Kyoto traditions, and one that is very rare that ordinary people wouldn't encounter.

The Shimabara Tayuu
Not to be mistaken from an Oiran or a Maiko, the Shimbara Tayuu is a high level traditional performance artist that was only catered to aristocrats. Currently there is only a few Shimabara Tayuu that exists, so this is a very rare experience and a rare chance that you can only do here.

The Flow of the Program
↓ Explanation of Shimabara (Geisha district in Kyoto) and Shimabara Tayuu
↓ Kashinoshiki (A rite where the Tayuu will see and choose the customer's face, and decide if Tayuu wants to entertain customers)
↓ Make green tea with the Tayuu
↓ Picture time with Shimabara Tayuu
(Senjafuda - a votive slip, and postcard Present from Tayuu)
↓ Watch a special dance that only the Tayuu can dance the "Inishie no mae".
↓ Ask any questions to the Tayuu with this  Question and Answer Time
↓ Ozashiki Game (Tosenkyo - a game where you fly a folding fan to knock down a butterfly on a decorative box)
↓ Listen to Biwa Performance from Tayuu

Price per person: 12,900 yen

Tour Detail

Tour Style

-This will be a join in tour
-The program will be done with English and Japanese

Group Size

Min. 1
Max. 46


70 minutes
Start Time: 15:10PM or 16:20PM


What's Included

-Shimabara Tayuu
-Green Tea Experience
-Drinks and Snacks
-English speaking staff
-Fun Games -Biwa Performance

What's not Included

-Hotel Pick up and Drop off

Tour Tips

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability through ‘BOOK IT’ button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent.
4. Reservation is done upon receiving your payment. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

- Fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently no other payment method is accepted.

Cancellation Policy
Reservations may be cancelled without a charge up to 21 days prior to the program date.
Reservations cancelled less than 20 days before the program date will incur 100% of the program charge