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Guided Tour to Naoshima -Art- Island



Take a breather from the busy city life and explore a peaceful and more greener side of Japan with this guided tour with a local guide of Naoshima Island.

Naoshima, known as the art island which most of its art was installed by the Benesse Corporation. Famous Japanese architect Ando Tadao designed the museum, such as the Chichu Art Museum, Lee Ufan Museum and all of the buildings of the Benesse House. On the Island you will see many outside exhibits such as the famous polka-dot pumpkin from the artist Kusama Yayoi. Not just the art but the island is filled with many nature, with the mountains and the sea, that you will find yourself being lost of the quietness of the island.

With this tour you will be guided by a local guide, who used to work at the museum in Naoshima. He will take you around the Island and museums giving you a more in depth knowledge that the other tourist cannot experience.

The main places the guide will be taking you.

Benesse House
A Modern art museum and resort hotel on the coast of Naoshima Island. The museum is the centerpiece of the Bensese Corporation's art facilities on the island which the building was designed by the famous architect Ando Tadao. Each of the building features its own unique artwork and guest rooms. However what makes this Benesse House special is that it is located on a hill that you can enjoy the view of the sea.

Art House Project
In the Naoshima Honmura district on 1998 artists took empty houses around the island and turn them into a works of art. There are 7 locations on the island; Kadoya, Minamidera, Kinza, Go'o Shrine, Ishibashi, Gokaisho, and Haisha. The area where the Art Project is located has a very local vibe that gives a chance of interaction between visitors and local residents.

Chichu Art Museum
The Chichu Art Museum is a museum that focuses on the rethinking of relationship between nature and people. To avoid meshing with the scenery of the island the museum is mostly built underground. The museums holds artworks by the famous Claude Monet, James Turrell, and Walter De Maria. What makes this museum interesting is how the appearance of art changes by the natural light that shines inside, which gives the museum a different aspect depending on the season.

Meeting point: Uno Station, your guide will be waiting for you at the Station.
Meeting time: 9:10AM (From Okayama) or 10:40AM (From Hiroshima)
Caution: The time below make sure you ride on time or in most cases the next train won't be for another hour.

Okayama Station (From Okayama 580 yen one way ticket)
8:24AM From Okayama Station ride the Marine Liner No.11 (For Takamatsu) and make a transfer at Chayamachi (3rd stop) Arrival at 8:38AM.
8:41AM Transfer to the Uno line for Uno, and ride until the last stop to the Uno Station. Arrival at 9:10AM.

Kurashiki Station (From Kurashiki one way ticket will be 840 yen)
8:03AM From Kurashiki Station ride the Hakubi Line (For Banshu-Ako) and make a transfer at Okayama Station. (4th stop) Arrival at 8:21AM.
8:24AM From Okayama Station ride the Marine Liner No.11 (For Takamatsu) and make a transfer at Chayamachi (3rd stop) Arrival at 8:38AM.
8:41AM Transfer to the Uno line (for Uno) and ride until the last stop to the Uno Station. Arrival at 9:10AM.

Hiroshima Station (Shinkansen price Reserved seats 3,350 yen/2,480 yen) (From Okayama 580 yen one way ticket)
9:04AM From Hiroshima Station Ride the Nozomi No.152 (Series N700) (For Tokyo) and make a transfer at Okayama Station at 9:40AM.
9:54AM From Okayama station ride the Marine Liner No.19 (For Takamatsu) and make a transfer at Chayamachi (2nd stop) arrival time 10:09AM.
10:13AM From Chaymachi ride the Uno Line (For Uno) and ride until the last stop to the Uno Station. Arrival at 10:37AM.

Price per person
1 person: 38,600 yen
2 persons: 19,500 yen
3 persons: 13,200 yen

Tour Detail

Tour Style

This is private tour

Group Size

Min. 1 persons
Max. 3 persons


Approx. 8 hours


Tour Itinerary

9:10AM or 10:40AM: Meet with your guide at Uno port
Take a ferry to Naoshima island
Naoshima tour with English-speaking guide by vehicle
7:05PM or 8:25PM Guide will take you to Miyanoura port and please take a ferry to Uno port by your own.

What's Included

- Ferry ride from Uno port to Miyanoura
- English-speaking guide
- Pick-up from uno port
- Transportation in Naoshima

What's not Included

- Admission fee
- Drop-off (Tour ends at Miyanoura port)
- Ferry ride from Miyanoura port to Uno port
- Lunch and Dinner

Tour Tips

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability through ‘BOOK IT’ button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent.
4. Reservation is done upon receiving your payment. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

- Fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently no other payment method is accepted.

Cancellation Policy
Reservations may be cancelled without charge up to 15 days prior to the program date.
Reservations cancelled less than 14 days before the program date will incur the following charges:
- Between 14 days and 8 days: 20% of the program charge

- Between 7 days and 2 days: 30% of the program charge

- The day before the date of travel: 50% of the program charge
- Less than a day or no show: 100% of the program charge

 *Time is in JST.