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Hachinohe with Back Alley Bar Tour and Fresh Seafood Breakfast at Morning Market



Aomori Prefecture Hachinohe city is one of the leading port town in the northern part of Japan.
Enjoy the local atmosphere of the city with this tour by going on a backstreet bar tour of the city and enjoying a delicious fish breakfast at the morning market.
Though this area isn't consider a popular tour spot in Japan, however the charm of this tour is that you can enjoy the local life and feel the warmness from the local people.

Back Alley Bar Tour
Since olden times Hachinohe city had been a flourished port town, and bars were made to cater to the fishermen who would want to drink after a long day out in the sea.
At the center of Hachinohe there are 8 local back alleys. In one of the alley it has a very country side feel with delicious food and sake. Though the bar might be small and cramped, its a great opportunity to drink with the locals side by side and get the real local feels.
Each of the 8 back alleys have there own uniqueness to it, there are bars that specialize in local cuisines, small shops where the locals will grab a small bite to eat, counter bars where elderly will gather, ethnic cuisine restaurant, and many more variety stores are lined up. What makes these places charming is that the close distance between you and the other customers and store owners. Even if its your first time visiting the local people are very friendly that we are sure that you will become close in a short time. Of course on this tour there will be an interpreter that will help you connect with these local people.

Your Very Own Original Breakfast at Morning Market
The morning market in Hachinohe is a place where the local people will gather for social interaction, you can experience the energy of the Hachinohe people here.
Monday - Saturday: The local people will usually buy the freshly caught fish on these days and use them for their breakfast. There are also a lot of cafeterias meant for the fishermen to eat after they finish their work, so you can also buy rice and Miso soup at the market as well. The market place is always changing, even the fishes they sell changes with each season, there many combination of what you can make meaning that when you make your breakfast it will become and one of a kind original. *Closed on second Saturday.

Sunday: There is a special morning market on Sundays where they rent out a huge pier area and use it to open a huge morning market. There is about 800 meters of space and over 300 shops lined up, it is said that this market is the largest in all of Japan with over 10,000 people visiting each week. Of course there are many things to eat here however there are many things on sale here as well. Come join this local festival of sort and enjoy yourself with this tour. *Closed on Jan. to Mar.

Sample itinerary
12:00PM Meet with your guide at Hachinohe Station ticket gate
1:00-2:00PM Local food lunch at Minshuku *Nanbu-senbei cracker (flour craker) baking experience
2:00-2:40PM Free time Tanesashi Coast
3:00-4:00PM Hachinohe Sake Brewery tour and sake tasting
4:30PM Check in Hotel
5:00-6:00PM Back Alley Bar tour/Free time

Day 2
7:00AM (Sun. 6:00AM) Hotel Meet with Guide
7:30-8:30AM Morning Market tour and Breakfast
9:00-10:00AM Hotel Checkout, Free time
11:00-12:30PM Hasshoku Center (Local market) Tour and Lunch at Shichirinmura
1:10PM Tour end             

Price per person
1 person: 109,900yen
2 persons: 60,000 yen
3 persons: 47,300 yen
4 persons: 38,000 yen
5 persons: 33,500 yen
6 persons: 30,700 yen

Tour Detail

Tour Style

This private program date can be arranged upon your request.

Group Size

Min. 1 person
Max. 6 persons


2 days


What's Included

- English-speaking guide from Hachinohe station
- Transportation fee in Hachinohe
- Lunch fee (Day 1)
- Accommodation fee (3 star)

What's not Included

- Transportation from/to Hachinohe station
- Drinks
- Dinner fee (Day 1)
- Breakfast and lunch fee (Day 2)

Tour Tips

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability through ‘BOOK IT’ button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent.
4. Reservation is done upon receiving your payment. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

- Fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently no other payment method is accepted.

Cancellation Policy
Reservations may be cancelled without charge up to 15 days prior to the program date.
Reservations cancelled less than 14 days before the program date will incur the following charges:
- Between 14 days and 8 days: 20% of the program charge

- Between 7 days and 2 days: 30% of the program charge

- The day before the date of travel: 50% of the program charge

 - Less than a day or no show: 100% of the program charge

*Time is in JST.