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Machiya stay and Japanese cuisine cooking class【Kyoto/1NT2D】



An old private townhouse “Kyo-Machiya” beautifully shapes the town of Kyoto. In this program, you can not only view this traditional townhouse but you can also make reservations to stay here.
Why don't you stay in a traditional Kyoto townhouse (Machiya) built 130 years ago and experience Japanese cuisine?
Spend the day as if you were living as a member of Old Kyoto back in the day, in traditional Kyoto Ryokan (Japanese Inn) settings; futon in the tatami room, shoji sliding door, tsubo-niwa (Japanese courtyard garden), and feel the old Kyoto!
In order for you to have an authentic and unique experience of Kyoto culture, we offer cooking experiences and a local shopping street tour in this program!

The common-use kitchen is equipped with microwave, toaster, and refrigerator.
Complimentary amenities include dishes, bowls, glasses, silverware, chopsticks, as well as tea and coffee.
When using the refrigerator, please clearly label your items with your name and departure date.

Shower rooms:
There are two shower rooms, available for use anytime except for cleaning hours.
Complimentary shampoo and soap are available.
There is also a sento (Traditional Japanese style public bath) nearby.

Hair dryers are available.
Please bring your own toothbrush and toothpaste.
Bath towel is provided.
If you forgot it you can buy at near the facility (Roujiya) for 50 yen.
After a nice bath you can change into your Yukata (Casual version of Kimono)

Bicycle Rental:
We have rental bike service at Roujiya.:
Please note that we have a limited number of bicycles, and they are provided on a first come, first served basis.
We recommend to book in advance.

- Free Wifi for your laptop
- Laundry (washing machine only) is available for 300 yen (fee includes detergent) at Roujiya
- Linen is provided, please set it up yourself.
- Breakfast is not included. But, you can buy at the nearby convenience store.
- There are no beds. *All Futon on tatami mattress.

This Japanese culinary class has taught more than 3,000 students in total.
Experienced lecturers will teach you not only how to cook the dishes, but also how to make the soup stock, how to hold chopsticks, as well as teaching you about the culture and etiquette.
On this tour, you will gain a memorable and authentic experience of Japanese culture.

You will learn:
・How to cook authentic Japanese dishes in English
・Japanese table manners and etiquette
・The history and culture of Japanese cuisine
・And much more!

This Japanese cooking class gives you more than just cooking lessons.

We'd like to show Japanese cultures and customs as well.
Japan has the four seasons, each of which has its own seasonal festivals, and a variety of annual events.
Hear about the history of traditional events, and how people celebrate them to make your stay even more enjoyable in Japan.

In addition, if you know even a little bit of table manners, you can feel much more relaxed in Japanese restaurants!

We will be happy to assist you and give some hints and information about variations of the recipes using different ingredients when you return home.

Price (per person)
Regular season
73,500 yen for 1 person
40,300 yen for 2 persons
35,500 yen for 3-4 persons
31,700 yen for 5-6 persons
30,000 yen for 7-8 persons

Peak season(1st week of Apr., 3rd and 4th week of Nov., 30th Dec. to 3rd Jan.)
102,200 yen for 1 person
54,700 yen for 2 persons
46,500 yen for 3-4 persons
40,000 yen for 5-6 persons
37,200 yen for 7-8 persons

※If you want to extend your stay for another night, please ask us.

Tour Detail

Tour Style

- Private tour - Program offered in English

Meeting Place
Meet at Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya (22-58, Ikenouchi-cho, Nishinokyo, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto)
※Please come to the office "Kyoto Guesthouse Roujiya" first for check-in.
Access: Sanin-Honsen Nijyo staion east exit

Group Size

Min. 1 person
Max. 8 persons


1 night 2 days


Tour Itinerary