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Japanese Michelin Elegant Dining and Geisha Performance in Tokyo



A place with over 100 years of history.
The Nihonbashi Ningyocho area is a place where there are remembrance of the Edo period.
Genyadana Hamayada once a house where Geisha lived in the Meiji Period. (1868-1912)
After the war the restaurant was rebuilt, the building itself is rare in Tokyo that incorporates the Sukiya-zukuri style (Architectural style based on the style of a Japanese tea ceremony building).
The Sukiya-zukuri style finds beauty in simple modeling. You will find the room to be cozy with the scent of the wood and tatami that envelopes the room.

This restaurant got Michelin 3 stars on 2007, and it was first 3 stars for Japanese Kaiseki restaurant.
Inside the restaurant there are hanging scrolls and flower arrangements that depicts the seasons.
Outside you can enjoy the view of the Japanese garden which changes from season to season.
And in the room everything is prepared to welcome you.

Serving Japanese cuisine that represents the 4 seasons
The taste of the 4 seasons through Japanese cuisine
The owner of the Geyadana Hamayada wishes to serve a dish that leaves an impression to the customers heart by using the ingredients from the 4 seasons, mountains, and the sea which has blessed upon us.
You will find the elegance of the dish from the master chefs who carefully picks out the tableware and the dish that matches with it. By utilizing the ingredients to the fullest you will get a sense of the seasons with every bite you take.

While you dine you will have a fist class Geisha performed before your very eyes.
You will be able to not only enjoy the fine dining but you can only enjoy Japanese tradition and culture by the Geisha who will be dancing while being accompanied by music played by a shamisen (Japanese style banjo-like three stringed instrument played with a plectrum).

Please inquire us for more details and price.
Regular dinner (Small group):
2 persons: 231,360 yen / group (20%: 289,200)
Additional person: 38,880 yen (20%: 48,600)

Luxury dinner (Small group):
2 persons: 337,200 yen / group (20%: 421,500)
Additional person: 64,800 yen (20%: 81,800)

Tour Detail

Tour Style

- English translator
- Private
- English speaking staff
- Private transfer from hotel in Tokyo 23 wards (Round trip)

Group Size

Min. 2 persons
Max. 8 persons


Total: 4.5 hours

Tour Itinerary

4:30PM Pick up from your accommodation in Tokyo 23 wards
5:30PM-8:00PM Dinner with Maiko show
9:00PM Hotel drop-off
*Closed on Sundays and on Holidays

What's Included

- Dinner
- Geisha Performance
- English-speaking translator
- Private vehicle (Round-trip)

What's not Included

- Drinks fee

Tour Tips

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability and pricing through ‘BOOK IT’ button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent.
4. Reservation will be confirmed upon payment is received. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.
*Payment needs to be made in advance

- Fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently no other payment method is accepted.

Cancellation Policy
All cancellation after the confirmation occurs 100% cancellation fee.