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Sake Tasting Experience in Kyoto


Explore the new fun world of Japanese Sake with an overall sake lecture & tasting experience by an officially licensed sake sommeliere! Interested in drinking Japanese sake, but feeling a bit intimidated by the language and the complexity of all the names and styles? Japanese sake is often translated as “rice wine”, but in fact it is NOT produced like wine: it is a totally different alcoholic beverage. The depth of the sake world is really stunning and exciting, and knowing a bit more would help you totally lured to the enchantment. A licensed English-speaking sake sommeliere will initiate you into this wonderful world of sake by a concise, yet beginner-friendly and fun lecture followed by a series of sake tasting! Dig into the world of Sake NOW! Price (per person): 4,800 yen This is a cultural experience program. - Please note that there may be other participants. - Programs are offered in English. Meeting Place 373-26 Horiike-cho, Higashiyama-ku, Kyoto Min. 2 person Max. 8 persons Approx. 80 min. 6pm program begins. 1. Sake lecture - A concise and yet beginner-friendly overall lecture on sake-making and the styles of sake! 2. Sake tasting - You will be entitled to taste 5 brands of sake, and experience yourself the wide variety of taste ,body and flavour! Casual homemade nibbles of sake sommeliere’s selection will be served along the tasting. 3.Q&A You can ask anything you may wonder, with suggestions of food coupling, the recommendation of Izakaya pub for tasting good sake, etc! Home-made nibbles of sake sommeliere's selection Booking process 1. Please ask us for availability through ‘contact us’ form below and make sure to write the number of participants, date, and time (for private program). 2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 2 business days. 3. Payment request will be sent. 4. Reservation is done upon receiving your payment. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you. Payment - Program fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently, no other payment method is accepted. Cancellation Policy Reservations may be cancelled without charge up to 8 days prior to the program date. Reservations cancelled less than 7 days before the program date will incur the following charges: - Between 7 days and 3 days: 20% of the program charge - 2 days in advance: 50% of the program charge - Less than a day or no show: 100% of the program charge *Time is in JST. Conditions - Please follow the guide's instruction during the program. We shall not be responsible for any accident caused by disregard of the instructions. - Program duration is an estimate and is subject to change depending on the number of participants and/or conditions without prior notice. - Please advise us if there are any religious or health restrictions, allergies, or any case where special care is needed when you ask us for availability. - Deadline for booking a program is 3 business days prior to the program date.