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Robot Restaurant Ticket x Special Dinner Package Plans!

Do not forget to arrange a dinner after/before the amazing robot show at Robot Restaurant.

→Food will NOT be served at Robot Restaurant.

Beauty Of Japan dinner packages are available that includes the following:
- Entrance ticket to Robot Restaurant
- Dinner at selected restaurant
- Reservation arrangement
*Tax and service charges are also INCLUDED.

◆What is Robot Restaurant?
Needless to say, Robot Restaurant was selected as 2014 Trip Advisor #16 popular destination in Japan and their performance show became one of the most famous and popular entertainment. After watching the performance, you can enjoy Japanese dinner, so there will be no hustle or confusion for choosing restaurant or menu.
Both of them are special deal that can only find here at Beauty Of Japan. Do not miss this great opportunity deal!

◆Robot Restaurant Single Entrance Ticket <6,700 yen>

【Restaurant Choices!】
-Shinjuku area-
◆Dinner at Yakiniku Motoyama + Robot Restaurant <16,700 yen>
This is a luxurious plan to eat carefully selected A5 rank wagyu beef at long-established restaurant.

◆Dinner at Alice in wonderland theme restaurant + Robot restaurant <10,200yen〜>
You will wander into a picture book world once you step inside just as you turn a page of a picture book.

◆Dinner at Kyoumachi Koishigure + Robot restaurant <9,900 yen〜>
Enjoy the real Japanese food in the nostalgic space overlooking the townscape of the Kyoumachi townhouses.

◆Dinner at Sengoku Buyuden + Robot restaurant <9,900 yen〜>
Experience the living life of Japanese warlords in which you may feel as if you strayed into a battlefield.

◆Dinner at 7 colors Temariuta + Robot restaurant < 10,000 yen〜>
Enjoy the izakaya cuisine at elegant and ornate world of temari style restaurant with private dining rooms.

◆Dinner at BAGUS + Robot Restaurant <10,700 yen~>
Enjoy dinner at entertainment bar restaurant, BAGUS. You can also play pool, darts, golf, and more!

◆Dinner at Izakaya Umaimon + Robot Restaurant <12,700 yen>
Have a delicious food at Umaimon. Great balance of umami (flavor of ingredients) and seasoning of salt is chef's strength.

◆Dinner at Ohajiki + Robot Restaurant <15,100 yen>
Enjoy perfectly-seasoned, free-range chicken and forget the daily grind.

-Asakusa/Ryougoku area-
◆Dinner at Asakusa Chanko-ba + Robot restaurant <11,700 yen>
Enjoy Chanko-nabe produced by ex-sumo wrestler. The dinner also includes black pork cuisine and more dishes, and is definitely a great dinner deal.

◆Dinner at Azuki+ Robot restaurant <15,300 yen>
Experience a special Sukiyaki or Shabu-shabu dinner at Azuki where very tasty olive wagyu beef can be enjoyed.

◆Dinner at Momonja+ Robot restaurant <16,000 yen>
You can enjoy healthy boar meet hot-pot at this long-established restaurant.

◆Dinner at Wakashika+ Robot restaurant <16,500 yen>
Enjoy traditional Kaiseki cuisine or wagyu shabu-shabu dinner at authentic restaurant. Tasty and melting beef in special dashi broth is blows your mind.

◆Dinner at Kariya+ Robot restaurant <20,100 yen>
Chanko-nabe based on soy sauce that has generation for years from first owner and chef who used to be a sumo wrestler. Blowfish cuisine is also highly recommended.

-Roppongi area-
◆Dinner at Hassan + Robot restaurant <20,700 yen〜>
A wagyu shabu shabu and sushi restaurant where you can select all-you-can-eat.

-Ikebukuro area-
◆Dinner at KURANDO SAKE MARKET + Robot restaurant <11,000 yen>
All you can drink 100 kinds of selected sake plan! Enjoy and find your favorite sake!

◆Dinner at Japanese Cuisine Kissho + Robot retaurant <15,500 yen〜>
you will have a chance to eat shabu-shabu with selected black beef wagyu or Kobe beef.

More dinner plans to come!!
Besides dinner plan, there are "culture experience + Robot restaurant" package deal as well as "culture experience + dinner + Robot restaurant" package deal

◆"Culture experience + Robot restaurant" package deal:
Enjoy unique culture experience followed by show entertainment at robot restaurant
Examples of experience programs include: Asakusa walking with sumo wrestler, authentic Japanese cooking lesson, harvest and BBQ in Tokyo, Ninja/Samurai experience, and more

◆"Culture experience + dinner + Robot restaurant" package deal: Coming soon!
This plan includes the whole exciting experiences that would definitely be a memorable experience.


For booking or any inquiries, please visit each event page or simply e-mail us through "contact us" form below.