SAMPLE : 7 Day Nikko and Nasu Guided Hiking Tour


This is a guided hiking tour for 7 days. Explore Nikko, the sacred land of the mountain faith, and Chuzenji-ko lake along with a visit to Mt. Nash. Our bilingual professional hiking guide will accompany your group.

Until Edo period of time, Nikko was known for a training area for Yamabushi (warrior priest).
During Edo period, Nikko became one of an ordinance-designated cities for great Shogun (General) Ieyasu Tokugawa, and Nikko became popular as a temple area.
As of today, since the Imperial Villa is located in Nasu, this district is known as a royal resort.

Mt. Nasu including its surrounded mountains is an active volcanic and thus, there are a number of onsen, hot spring, located in this region.
Join our hiking tour to explore the historically deep mountain sites where Ieyasu Tokugawa spent his time.
Enjoy the great nature of spectacular mountains and beautiful Chuzenji-ko lake!

Starting place: Asakusa station in Tokyo
*Tour concludes at Tokyo station
*The guide will pick you up at the accommodation in Nikko on the second day.

Price (per person): Please contact us for pricing detail.

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Tour Detail

Tour Style

– Please contact us for tour details and other requests.
– Please note that there may be other participants.
– Program is offered in English.

Tour Level

Physical fitness: ★★☆
Technique: ★☆☆


Tour Itinerary

◆Day 1 (Meal is not included)
-Move to Nikko and leave your luggage at the accommodation.
-Go explore Nikko including world heritage of Toshogu strine and Rinno-ji temple.
-Enjoy the beauty of great nature as well as the history of the ancient shrine of Nikko.

◆Day 2 (Dinner is included. Lunch is available at 1,000 yen)
-Move to Chuzenji-ko lake and enjoy hiking for 5 hours including a lunch break
-Stay at the accommodation which has a spectacular view of the mountain.
-Chuzenji-ko lake was created by the eruption of Mt. Nantai and its size of one lap is about 25km. (9 hours walking)
This lake was a training place for monk in the past, but today, this lake became one of the most famous sightseeing spots in Japan.

◆Day 3 (Breakfast and dinner are included)
-Hiking in Oku-Nikko, the deep local area which has a dynamic scenery of the nature (3 hours)
-Have lunch at a local hot spring area and explore beautiful vast wetlands. (2 hours)
Visit a beautiful waterfall and lake, and let’s relax at this mystical land.

◆Day 4 (Breakfast and dinner included)
-Take a private vehicle from Nikko to Utsunomiya city.
-Visit a long-established tatami store with a history of over 100 years and observe the tatami making process.
(Soba making or Ayu catching are available for the lunch) *Depends on the season.
-Visit a fantastic quarry trail.

◆Day 5 (Breakfast and Dinner are included)
-Hike the Mt. Nasu and go to the top to visit a secret Onsen, hot spring. Then move to the mountain hut.

◆Day 6 (Breakfast and Dinner are included)
-Traverse Mt. Sanbon-yari and Mt. Asahi (3hours and half)
-Hike the mountain towards Sikanoyu, hot spring (After taking a lunch break) (3hours and half)

◆Day 7 (Breakfast is included)
-Move to Tokyo station, led by the guide
After having a wonderful time in the historical nature, enjoy the modern side of Japan in Tokyo.

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