Sushi Yutaka Zen Luxury Lunch Plan

~Exclusive Sushi Lunch in Ise from Kyoto by Helicopter~

Sushi Yutaka Zen is a sushi restaurant in Masakijima island, only be able to accessible by helicopter or ship. About a 40 minute flight by helicopter from Kyoto to Masakijima. Off the coast of Ise Shima National Park’s sparkling bay, the Sushi Yutaka Zen was established here to provide guest with the region’s superlative culinary experience while enjoying the magnificent view of the bay.

Sample Itinerary

  • Pickup from hotel in Kyoto
  • 11:00 AM Depart from the heliport in Fushimi, Kyoto
  • 40 minutes helicopter ride
  • 11:40 AM Arrival at Sushi Yutaka Zen.
  • 2 hour-course Ago Bay Gastronomy
  • 3:00 PM Depart from the restaurant
  • Before 4:00 PM Arrive at the heliport in Fushimi, Kyoto
  • Drop off at hotel in Kyoto

Ago Bay Gastronomy

The restaurant seats one party at a time, with a six-person maximum. They take pride in serving only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients to create the ultimate Ise Shima gastronomy experience.
Furthermore, you can savor culinary perfection as you gaze through their massive frame window into the glistening backdrop of Ago Bay.

Enjoy an unrivaled display of Ago Bay gastronomy, masterfully crafted by their head chef.
With the help of local fishermen and Ama divers, known for catching pearls in the past, the fresh fish and the chef’s art transform the local ingredients to a true edible treasure.

Cabin Attendant Option

If you choose a CA option, a dedicated cabin attendant who has a national tour guide qualification, will deliver an exclusive sky cruise, by talking about the dynamic panorama for guests during the flight to the island.

The guide will talk about Japan’s archipelago, the Ise-Jingu Shrine and other attractive spots in Ise, while looking above from the sky. Especially in the Ise-shima area, the guide will provide information of the female free divers, called ‘Ama’, Japanese traditional food, ‘sushi’, and the unique fishery cultures and traditions in Ise-shima. From Kyoto to Ise-shima, the CA will entertain your time while you fly to your destination.

Zen Head Chef

  • Yuichi Hori; the owner and the head chef of Sushi Yutaka Zen
  • 1987: Trained at “Yutakazushi” in Yokohama
  • 1994: Former Chef at “Hoshino” in Ginza
  • Traveling from Hokkaido to Kyushu to seek for high quality seafood; sea weeds, rice, and wasabi, helped deepen his knowledge as a chef.
  • 2010: Open the restaurant “Sushi Yutaka” in Kanagawa. “Sushi Yutaka” became popular among sushi lovers all over Japan.
  • 2017: Fascinated by the ocean of Ise Shima, he decided to open “Sushi Yutaka Zen” at Ise Shima Island. Since he moved to the island, he has been communicating with the local fishermen and fisherwomen. Even now, the seafood served at “Sushi Yutaka Zen” are caught from the ocean right in front of the restaurant.
  • 2018 Open the restaurant “Sushi Yutaka Zen”

Passionate of preserving the environmental

The owner of Sushi Yutaka Zen, who is also the zen head chef has a strong intention to preserve the environment of the National Park and coexist with each other. To help preserve the environment the members of the restaurant participates in the yearly cleaning event of the ocean. Furthermore, he invited an OB of the Ministry of the Environment as a staff. Since then, the staff has worked as a guide and tells the story of the island and history of the pearls to the visitors.


Private Experience

  • 1 group (Max.3 to 4) 600,000 yen (Tax included.)
  • The maximum number of the passenger is 4 person including CA.
  • CA is optional.

Join-in Experience

  • 150,000 yen/person
  • *The minimum number of participants is 2 persons to conduct the tour

Cabin Attendant Option :

90,000 yen per group

What’s included

  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Transfer between the heliports
  • Round trip from Kyoto to Sushi Yutaka Zen by helicopter
  • Ago Bay Gastronomy

What’s not included

  • Drinks (Please pay at site by credit card or cash)
  • CA option is available at 90,000 yen.

Know before you go

  • If you choose the CA option, the maximum number of the guests is three. If there are more than three guests, please book for two flights.
  • The chef will host in easy English. It is possible to conduct the tour without a CA.

Cancelation policy

  • The tour may be cancelled due to bad weather. In that case, we will inform you the day before the tour date and amend the date or issue a full refund.
  • -Cancellation fee-
  • Cancellation on the day of the event: 100%
  • Cancellation made 1 day or less before the event: 50%


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