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Confront SUMO wrestlers and eat delicious Chanko Hot Pot



We offer you an exciting chance to interact with sumo wrestlers!!
Learn the sumo world's behind-the-scene stories and their daily life, and enjoy Chanko-nabe hot pot!
This is a very rare opportunity to actually play sumo with sumo wrestlers (retired).

Sumo is a national Japanese sport and part of traditional Japanese culture. It is believed that the origin lies in the mythical age. Sumo has been familiar with Japanese culture and the lives of many people. Sumo has many faces such as historical, cultural, Shinto ritual or athletic, and each of them has a particular feature.

Let’s eat CHANKO-NABE (hot pot cooking) with a SUMO PERFORMANCE. You cannot experience this at anywhere else!
You will hear accurate sumo knowledge and also have an opportunity to try CHANKO-NABE. (CHANKO-NABE: unique meal in the Sumo world). We hope you have great time and enjoy Sumo world.

You will learn about sumo history, manner, training, the real match and so on with explanations in English.

1. Explanation about fundamental actions by two wrestlers (they were real sumo wrestlers in the past).
2. Introduction of some techniques including prohibited techniques
3. Real 3 matches
4. You can try playing Sumo with the wrestlers
*Guests need to wear a costume which is prepared.
5. Souvenir Photo with them!
*Demonstration contents may be changed due to a condition.

Eating CHANKO-NABE (hot pot cooking) is a healthy and nutritionally balanced diet. Why can sumo wrestlers grow so much even if they eat such a healthy meal? It is because they eat it with a huge amount of rice and they train hard every day.

・CHANKO-NABE(hot pot cooking) ※CHANKO-NABE cooked by staff used be sumo wrestlers.
・Genghis Khan, a dish with barbecued mutton or lamb and vegetables
・Oolong tea, water or hot water (included)

・CHANKO-NABE(hot pot cooking) ※CHANKO-NABE cooked by staff used be sumo wrestlers.
・Deep fried pork
・Potato salad
・Oolong tea, water or hot water (included)

You can order other drinks except for hot drinks for an additional fee. (In cash only)
Menu may change by season.

Price per person: 10,800 Yen
*5,000 Yen for children under 11 years old.

Important note for Meal:
Please do let us know at least 2 days prior to your tour date, if you have any food restriction or allergy. We cannot arrange a vegetarian or special meal option on the day of your activity.
Watch Sumo practice at Sumo stable in Tokyo:

Walking Tour with Sumo wrestlers in Asakusa and Ryogoku:

Tour Detail

Tour Style

This is a cultural experience program.

Program is offered in English.

Meeting Place:
Monday: Asakusa Chanko-ba (2-27-10 Nishi – Asakusa Taito-ku Tokyo)
Thursday: Genghis Khan, Yukidaruma, Ryogoku-beya (3-24-2, Ryogoku, Sumida-ku, Tokyo)

Nearest station:
- Tsukuba express Asakusa station exit 3: 1 min. walk
- Subway Ginza-line Tawaramachi station exit 3: 8 min. walk
- Subway Ginza-line Asakusa station exit 1: 10 min. walk
- 1 min walk from JR line Rygoku station east exit
- 8 min walk from Oedo line subway Ryogoku satation

Detailed direction will be followed after the booking confirmed.

Group Size

Min. 1 person
Max. 50 persons


2 hours


Tour Itinerary

Sumo demonstration starts at 12:00PM
Chanko lunch start at 12:50PM
End of program at 2PM(You may leave the restaurant anytime before 2pm.)

What's Included

- Entrance to the show and lunch.

What's not Included

- Transportation fee
- Additional beverages and food

Tour Tips

Booking process
1. Please contact us for availability through the ‘BOOK IT’ button below.
2. We will check the availability and come back to you within 1 business day.
3. Payment request will be sent.
4. Reservation is done upon receiving your payment. Confirmation e-mail will be sent to you.

- Fees shall be paid through Credit Card. Currently no other payment method is accepted.

Cancellation Policy
Reservations may be cancelled without charge up to 8 days prior to the program date.
Reservations cancelled less than 7 days before the program date will incur the following charges:
- Between 7 days and 4 days: 30% of the program charge

- 3 days in advance: 50% of the program charge

- Less than a day or no show: 100% of the program charge

*Time is in JST.
Condition - Please advise us, in advance, if there are any religious or health restrictions, allergies, or any case where special care is needed when you ask us for availability.