AwajiSetouchi , Family Friendly / 2nights3days

Customized Tour

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Awaji Island Area: a 2-day tour of exploring the island’s exquisite gastronomy

From 300,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2 hours

Learn Sumo Culture from a Former Wrestler and wear a real sumo belt near Ryogoku

From 13,500 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2hours

Best Seller

Challenge Sumo Wrestlers and Enjoy Lunch

From 12,500 JPY

Tokyo , Outdoors / 2hours

Best Seller Customized Tour

Walking Tour with Sumo wrestlers in Asakusa and Ryogoku

From 14,000 JPY

Tokyo , Local Experiences / 1hour

Best Seller

Watch Morning Practice at a Sumo Stable in Tokyo

From 13,750 JPY