Tokyo , Historical / 2hours

Samurai Kendo Experience in Tokyo

From 21,500 JPY

Kyoto , Art / 2hour

Visit Yuzen Artisan and Unique Artisan’s House in Kyoto

From 13,640 JPY

Saitama , Art / 4hours

Omiya Bonsai Village Tour from Tokyo

From 5,500 JPY

, Local Experiences / 4hour

Sake Brewery and Back Alley Bar Tour with locals in Hachinohe, Aomori

From 4,800 JPY

Aomori , Food & Drink / 2hours

Lively Hachinohe Morning Market Tour in Aomori

From 3,500 JPY

Iwate , Local Experiences / 6hours

Experience Mochi Making and See Local Life in Ichinoseki

From 14,600 JPY

Tokyo , Art / 2hours

Make your own BONSAI with a professional artist in Tokyo

From 6,000 JPY

Hyogo , Food & Drink / 8.5hours

Explore the root of Wagyu beef in Hyogo Prefecture

From 59,800 JPY

Kagoshima , Outdoors / 8hour

Hike Mt. Kuromi ~the Nicest Peak in Yakushima~

From 15,000 JPY

Kyoto , Historical / 2days

Spend Night at a Splendid Japanese Villa of Tangible Cultural Property in Yawata, southern part of Kyoto

From 19,600 JPY

Osaka , Food & Drink / 1.5hour

Osaka Local Foodie tour in Dotonbori – Osaka’s Soul food eating out!

From 8,500 JPY

Kyoto , Food & Drink / 1.5

Local Food Tour with Expert Guide in Downtown Kyoto

From 9,000 JPY

Fukushima , Outdoors / 4hour

Off the Beaten Path Fukushima Nihonmatsu’s Cherry Blossom Tour

From 23,000 JPY

Kyoto , Historical / 3.5hour

Half-Day Exploration of Iwashimizu-Hachiman Shrine with Local Guide in Kyoto

From 3,500 JPY

Tokyo , Art / 2hour

Experience Japanese calligraphy and make your own T-shirt

From 6,800 JPY

Tokyo , Local Experiences / 2hour

Private Tuna Cutting Performance and Sushi Tasting in Tokyo

From 72,000 JPY

Kagoshima , Outdoors / 3hour

Nature Walking Tour in Yakushima Island

From 14,200 JPY

Kagoshima , Outdoors / 8hour

Mt. Tachu Private Trekking Tour in Yakushima

From 15,000 JPY

Kagoshima , Outdoors / 3hour

Best Seller

Shiratani-Unsuikyo Private Trekking Tour in Yakushima

From 15,000 JPY

Kyoto , Private / 8hour

Best Seller

Discover your Kyoto -Kyoto Walking Tour-

From 6,500 JPY

Kagawa , Private / 8hour

Full Day Tour in Takamatsu with an English Speaking Driver

From 12,500 JPY

Kagawa , Private / 4hour

Half Day Tour in Takamatsu with an English Speaking Driver

From 7,933 JPY

Kagawa , Charter/Transfer / 1hour

Best Seller

Private Transfer Service in Takamatsu with English Speaking Driver

From 10,450 JPY

Kyoto , Family Friendly / 1hour

‘SAMURAI KEMBU’ Enjoy Samurai experience in Kyoto

From 7,200 JPY

Kyoto , Outdoors / 12minutes

Rickshaw ride in Higashiyama, Kyoto

From 2,000 JPY

Kyoto , Outdoors / 12minutes

Rickshaw ride in Arashiyama, Kyoto

From 2,000 JPY

Gifu , Local Experiences / 8hour

Best Seller

Make Your Own Knife with an Experienced Swordsmith near Kyoto

From 31,500 JPY

Saitama , Local Experiences / 8hour

Green Tea Picking and Kawagoe Walking Tour Combo from Shinjuku

From 8,120 JPY

Ibaraki , Private / 9hour

Nikko Day Trip by Train: Toshogu Shrine and Sake Brewery

From 20,872 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 3hour

Let’s become a Movie Star of your own Samurai Movie!

From 12,000 JPY