Tochigi , Family Friendly / 5hours

Best Seller

Morning Hike and Birdwatching in Senjogahara, Nikko

From 23,000 JPY

Mie , Food & Drink / 2 hours

Diving with Ama(professional female fishing divers) in Ise-Shima Islands w. Seafood BBQ Options

From 36,600 JPY

Miyagi , Local Experiences / 6.5 hour

Visit Nikka Whiskey Distillery and Yamadera Temple from Sendai

From 12,500 JPY

Okinawa , Art / 2 hour

Private Okinawan Bingata dyeing Workshop

From 52,000 JPY

AwajiSetouchi , Family Friendly / 2nights3days

Customized Tour

Akashi Kaikyo Bridge, Awaji Island Area: a 2-day tour of exploring the island’s exquisite gastronomy

From 300,000 JPY

Saga , Local Experiences /

Customized Tour

Visit good old countryside of Japan at Kamiminecho in Saga

From 200,000 JPY

, Family Friendly / 2nights3days

Customized Tour

3 Day Tour: Haiku Town Matsuyama, Cycling and Glamping on the Shimanami kaido

From 300,000 JPY

Fukushima , Outdoors / 3hour

Aizu Wakamatsu Historical Walking Tour

From 5,200 JPY

Fukushima , Outdoors / 4hour

Satoyama Pottering Tour from Aizu Wakamatsu

From 7,500 JPY

Fukushima , Outdoors / 3hour

Compact Cycling Tour from Aizu Wakamatsu to Iimori Mountain

From 6,700 JPY

Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 72 hours

Customized Tour

Live like a local! 3-day Private Stay at KOMINKA(Japanese traditional house) in Shobara, Hiroshima

From 125,000 JPY

Fukushima , Art / 1hour

Letter opener making workshop at the former swordsmith studio

From 10,000 JPY

Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 4 hour

Hiroshima Morning Tour! Visit Shrines, Hop on Streetcar with a friendly local guide

From 7,020 JPY

Okinawa , Food & Drink / 1 hour

Awamori brewery tour and sampling in Okinawa

From 1,900 JPY

Tochigi , Art / 9hours

Best Seller Customized Tour

1-day Nikko Private Guided Tour Toshogu Waterfall and Sake Brewery

From 26,500 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 1 hour

Learning Authentic Tea Ceremony at Traditional Medicinal Herb Garden “Oyakuen”

From 2,500 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 1.5hour

Original Japanese Herbal Tea Blending Workshop at Traditional Medicinal Herb Garden “Oyakuen”

From 8,125 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 4.5 hour

Making Soba and Vegan Local Food Cooking Class in Ouchi-juku

From 3,125 JPY

Fukushima , Local Experiences / 4.5hour

Ultimate aroma oil-making Workshop! Extract essential oil from incense wood taken in the mountains

From 15,000 JPY

Kamakura , Historical / 12minutes

Rickshaw ride in Kamakura, the ancient capital of Japan

From 2,400 JPY

Tochigi , Charter/Transfer / 9hours

Best Seller Customized Tour

Private Nikko Custom Tour from Tokyo by Chartered Vehicle

From 195,000 JPY

Oita , Outdoors / 12minutes

Rickshaw ride in Yufuin, Oita, historical famous hot springs town

From 2,000 JPY

Okinawa , Food & Drink / 3 hour

Okinawan Dynasty Luxury Dinner Package- indulge in the exquisite cuisine, awamori and performing arts

From 371,250 JPY

Shimane , Art / 40min

Make Original Shimenawa the Sacred Rope in Izumo

From 7,930 JPY

Shimane , Art / 4hours

Customized Tour

Adachi Museum Private Customized Guided Tour from Matsue

From 13,800 JPY

Hokkaido , Historical / 12minutes

Rickshaw ride in Otaru, Hokkaido, beautiful port town yet historical

From 3,000 JPY

Nara , Art / 1hour

Learn How to Make Sushi! Standard class-Nara School

From 6,000 JPY

Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 4 hour

Hiroshima Private Bar Hopping in “Ekinishi” with River Cruise

From 8,420 JPY

Tokyo , Food & Drink / 3hour

Tsukiji Outer Market Walking and Cooking Experience

From 12,000 JPY

Hiroshima , Historical / 1h20m

PEACE PARK TOUR @ Rest house

From 3,300 JPY