Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 72 hours

3-day Private Stay at KOMINKA(Japanese rustic house) in Shobara, Hiroshima

From 125,000 JPY

Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 4 hour

Hiroshima Morning Tour! Visit Shrines, Hop on Streetcar with a friendly local guide

From 7,020 JPY

Tochigi , Art / 9hours

Best Seller

1-day Nikko Private Guided Tour Toshogu Waterfall and Sake Brewery

From 26,500 JPY

Tochigi , Charter/Transfer / 9hours

Best Seller Customized Tour

Private Nikko Custom Tour from Tokyo by Chartered Vehicle

From 195,000 JPY

Nara , Art / 1hour

Learn How to Make Sushi! Standard class-Nara School

From 6,000 JPY

Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 4 hour

Hiroshima Private Bar Hopping in “Ekinishi” with River Cruise

From 8,420 JPY

Kyoto , Family Friendly / 1hour

Virtual Experience – Online Zen Meditation

From 3,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 90min

Ninja Experience from the Musashi Clan in Edo Period in Tokyo

From 18,600 JPY

GifuIshikawa , Family Friendly / 5 hours

Shirakawa-go Half Day PM Tour from Takayama

From 7,000 JPY

GifuIshikawa , Family Friendly / 9h30m

Shirakawa-go and Takayama 1 Day Bus Tour from Kanazawa

From 14,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 90 min

Light Sushi Class with Energetic Sushi Chef

From 6,600 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 2 days

Create a local specialty snowboard, yuki-ita, and experience powder snow surfing

From 50,000 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 3 hours

Experience powder snow surfing with local specialty board yuki-ita

From 12,000 JPY

Fukushima , Art / 5 hours

Enroll in a traditional samurai school for a day

From 25,000 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 5 hours

Extravagant private cherry blossom viewing dinner in Tsuruga Castle Park

From 35,000 JPY

Kyoto , Family Friendly / 3.5 hours

Experience Home Cooking or ‘IZAKAYA’ food cooking class in Kyoto

From 8,640 JPY

Kyoto , Family Friendly / 3 hours

Japanese ‘Bento’ cooking class in Kyoto

From 8,640 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 3hour

Let’s become a Movie Star of your own Samurai Movie!

From 12,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 1hour

Iai-do Japanese Sword Technique Learning in Tokyo (for beginners)

From 16,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 1hour

Play with Kawaii Little Animal Friends in Harajuku

From 4,165 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 1hour

Meet with Cute Otters, Chinchillas and Hedgehogs in Harajuku

From 4,400 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 4hour

Half Day Asakusa Tour with Ninja Experience

From 15,600 JPY

Hiroshima , Family Friendly / 3hour

Best Seller

Hop on a E.Bike and Explore and Learn of Hiroshima with local Guide!

From 6,700 JPY

Kanagawa , Family Friendly / 9hour 40minutes

Best Seller

Mt.Fuji and Hakone 1 Day Bus Tour from Tokyo

From 13,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2 hours

Learn Sumo Culture from a Former Wrestler and wear a real sumo belt near Ryogoku

From 13,500 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2hours

Experience Real Sumo Wrestlers’ Everyday Life in Sumo Stable and Enjoy Sumo Dinner

From 11,000 JPY

Yamanashi , Family Friendly / 10 hours

Spectacular 1 Day Mt. Fuji Bus Tour from Tokyo

From 14,800 JPY

Okinawa , Charter/Transfer / 9hours

Best Seller

Private Okinawa Custom One-Day Tour by Chartered Vehicle

From 67,040 JPY

Nagasaki , Family Friendly / 3hours

Best Seller

Visit Gunkanjima island, the Battleship island, in Nagasaki

From 6,950 JPY

Fukuoka , Charter/Transfer / 8hours

Best Seller

Private Full-Day Fukuoka Custom Tour by Chartered Vehicle

From 75,370 JPY