Saitama , Historical / 6 hour

Koedo “Kawagoe” Seven Gods of Good Fortune Walking tour from Ikebukuro

From 34,000 JPY

Kyoto , Historical / 1.5hour

“Tayu” the greatest of Kyoto’s Traditional Performance

From 4,800 JPY

Shimane , Local Experiences / 4hours

Private Sagiura -Hidden Town- Tour by Chartered Vehicle with Local Guide Round Trip from Izumo

From 28,100 JPY

Shimane , Charter/Transfer / 4hours

Private Customized Guided Tour by Chartered Vehicle Round Trip from Izumo

From 13,400 JPY

Shimane , Art / 4hours

Private Customized Guided Tour by Chartered Vehicle Round Trip from Matsue

From 13,800 JPY

Fukushima , Food & Drink / 2hour

Customized Tour

Sake Brewery Tour and Sake Pairing with French Cuisine

From 7,700 JPY

Fukushima , Local Experiences / 3 days

3-Day Nikko – Ouchijuku – Sendai Sightseeing Tour

From 70,000 JPY

Gifu , Local Experiences / 2hour

Observe Japanese Knife Forging with Experienced Swordsmith near Kyoto

From 10,000 JPY

Kyoto , Art / 1hour-

Experience Authentic Noh Performance in Kyoto

From 174,750 JPY

Kanagawa , Historical / 2hours

Learn About Shintoism with a Priest and Shrine Maiden in Odawara

From 7,100 JPY

Tochigi , Food & Drink / 9hours

Historical Ashikaga Gakko and Coco Farm Winery Tour from Asakusa

From 19,800 JPY

Gunma , Historical / 9hours

Kiryu Ori ~A Traditional Industrial Artifact~ Tour round trip from Asakusa

From 20,700 JPY

Fukushima , Local Experiences / 5hours

Customized Tour

Snow Vegetable Harvesting Experience in Aizuwakamatsu

From 14,600 JPY

Fukushima , Art / 6hours

Aizu Urushi Tour Guided by Artisans

From 6,600 JPY

Fukushima , Food & Drink / 5hours

Customized Tour

Compare the taste of sake and the rice it was made from at a farm in Aizuwakamatsu

From 16,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 90min

Ninja Experience from the Musashi Clan in Edo Period in Tokyo

From 16,500 JPY

GifuIshikawa , Family Friendly / 5 hours

Shirakawa-go Half Day PM Tour from Takayama

From 7,000 JPY

GifuIshikawa , Family Friendly / 9h30m

Shirakawa-go and Takayama 1 Day Bus Tour from Kanazawa

From 14,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 90 min

Light Sushi Class with Energetic Sushi Chef

From 6,600 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 90 min

Standard Sushi Class with Energetic Sushi Chef

From 11,000 JPY

Shimane , Historical / 3 Days

3 Days Visit World Heritage Site Iwami Ginzan Silver Mine and Local Onsen town

From 110,000 JPY

Shimane , Local Experiences / 2 Days

2 Days Matsue and Izumo tour from Hiroshima

From 57,860 JPY

Shimane , Art / 3 Days

3 Days Tatara Iron making and Sword tour from Hiroshima

From 75,240 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 2 days

Create a local specialty snowboard, yuki-ita, and experience powder snow surfing

From 50,000 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 3 hours

Experience powder snow surfing with local specialty board yuki-ita

From 12,000 JPY

Fukushima , Art / 5 hours

Enroll in a traditional samurai school for a day

From 25,000 JPY

Fukushima , Local Experiences / 7 hours

Create your own paper knife at an authentic sword-smith workshop

From 10,000 JPY

Fukushima , Family Friendly / 5 hours

Extravagant private cherry blossom viewing dinner in Tsuruga Castle Park

From 35,000 JPY

Mie , Food & Drink / 5hours

Customized Tour

Sushi Yutaka Zen Luxury Lunch Plan

From 162,000 JPY

Tochigi , Local Experiences / 8 hours

One Day Traditional Craft Tour with Local Masters from Tokyo

From 22,100 JPY