Daisen Oki National Park


Daisen Oki National Park consists of Oki Island, Nishinoshima Island and Amacho. Each island has their sacred forest and the old culture passed down over the centuries.

You can feel the nature of the national park anywhere in the island when you see the cows and horses graze in a field, the blue ocean behind them and the 800-year-old cedar tree.

Reasons to Go

  • Enjoy the scenery of the cows and horses that are grazing on the mountain slope without any obstruction, and the deep blue sea that you cannot see the boundary between the horizon and the sky behind.

Recommended timing to visit

April – October

Sample Tour Itinerary

Day 1

Okinoshima (by ferry or airplane)
Car rental, sightseeing inside the island
Chihi Sugi Japanese Cedar, Dangyō-no-taki Waterfalls
Move to Nishinoshima
Check-in at accommodation

Day 2

(Car rental or bicycle rental)
Takuhiyama Hikng – Takuhiyama Shrine
Sunset tour
Stay at Nishinoshima

Day 3

(Car rental or bicycle rental)
Sightseeing boat
Kuniga Coast, Hiking Akao
Stay at Nishinoshima

Day 4

Check out and go to port.
Move to Sakai Port by ferry

Chihi Sugi Japanese Cedar : The name ‘Chichi-sugi’ means ‘breast Japanese cedar’. The mysterious shaped tree is 800 years old, 30m tall, 10m in circumference.

Takuhi Shrine: Takuhi Shrine is hidden in Mt Takuhi, which features the oldest shrine building in the Oki Islands.

Nishinoshima: Nishinoshima is a town located on the island of Nishinoshima, in Oki District, Shimane.

Kuniga Coast : Kuniga Coast is the world class scenic spots and represents Nishinoshima Island.



  • ・Kuniga-so Hotel

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