Visit good old countryside of Japan at Kamiminecho in Saga


This tour is for enjoy the north part of Kyushu called Kamiminecho, Saga prefecture is a beatiful place that not many people knows, you have a chance to visit a unique place and meet very fun local people.


・Rycyle Metal Art
・Texitle Experience
・Sightseeing in Hirado
・Sightseeing in Takeo Onsen


Day 1:Hakata station >>> Shin Tosu station (15 minutes by Kyushu Shinkansen)

A charter taxi will pick you up from station by car and take you around the town. In the morning you can select two options:

Option 1 : Fruit picking up <1 hour>
This is fun experience and is also interesting learn how to select a good mandarin. The experience is about one hour and They provide gloves, scissors and containers for you.

Option 2 : Visit Sake brewery and tasting <1.5 hours>
The building is like a museum, very historical place, wonderful presentation at the entrance with huge wooden table and glasses for sake tasting, they also have English explanation available. It is very interesting to see the step how to make sake and inside the containers.

Lunch at Soba restaurant (Vegetarian available)
The shop is traditional Japanese style, old but in the same time stylish. Chair and table are available for use for your confort. They have set with tempura and soba and also vegetarian meals available.

Then also from afternoon you have two options:

Option 1 : Texitle experience <2 hours>
The shop is a old traditional house, and the owner she so cute lady that she has many hobbies, the texitle experience is about 2 hours and in the end they will serve Japanese herb tea for you.

Option 2 : Recycle Metal Art experience <2 hours>
This city had this great idea to recycle the metal for make house decoration. You can make your metal decoration into a wood plate. The experience is about 2 hours and staff will provide all tools for you.

Check in at Minshuku and then take rest at Onsen near the accommodation

Stay in: Taikoen Minshuku
Meals: Japanese Dinner and Breakfast

Day 2: Day trip to Hirado & Karatsu

After the breakfast at Taikoen a charter taxi will you pick up and take you to Hirado (Nagasaki), it takes about 2 hours.

Sightseeing in Hirado :
Hirado has been an important trading post during the Edo period and it is also a center of Christian missionaries. You can visit, Hirado Castle, Christian Site, Dutch Trading Post or Matsuura Museum.

Lunch in Hirado

Hirado >>> Imari by charter taxi <1 hour>

Sightseeing in Imari
Imari is the perfect place to find the famous Japanese pottery. Has been one of the oldest producer of porcelain in Japan. You can enjoy walking around the town.

Imari >>> Takeo Onsen by charter taxi < 30 minutes>

Sightseeing in Takeo Onsen
Takeo Onsen was not only a place for hot spring but also an important center for feudal lords, cratsmen and soldiers who were at Nagoya Castle in Karatsu.

Takeo Onsen >>> Kamiminecho by charter taxi <50 minutes>

You will have dinner at Taikoen

Stay in: Taikoen Minshuku
Meals: Japanese Dinner and Breakfast

Day 3: Panoramic countryside view from Helicopter

Helicopter tour (40 minutes)
Today is the last day of the tour and you will have a panoramic view from the Helicopter.

In afternoon the tour ends and you are ready to go next destination

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