Kerama Shoto National Park


Everything in the island creates the National Park; the history, the ocean, the coral reefs, and plants.

The beautiful ocean called “Kerama Blue” attract many tourists from all over the world, however strangely enough its not a crowded tourist spot. The ocean is world’s clearest ocean and you can encounter the sea creatures while diving and snorkeling.

Kerama Shoto is the best place for just relaxing and doing nothing because it is an uncommercialized resort. There are many long-term residents of academics such as oceanography and history.

Reasons to Go

  • Escape from the everyday life and just relax with the beautiful ocean and the beach.
  • Enjoy slow life and the unique lifestyle with the local.

Recommended timing to visit

Spring: April – June Autumn: October – November

Sample Tour Itinerary

Day 1

  • Naha Tomari Port Terminal 〜 Tokashiki Island by ferry
  • Pick up at Tokashiki Island port terminal and move to a hotel
  • Check in at hotel
  • Free time 
  • *Activity programs available depending on the time of arrival

Day 2

  • Half Day Tokashiki Island Tour by car rent
  • “Group Self-determination”, Shiratamano To, suicide attack boat secret shelter , Tokashiki Town (Ryukyu era cityscape)
  • Teruyama Observatory ・Tokashiku Marin Beach
  • Dinner:Kabutoyaki BBQ 
  • Guided night walking tour

Day 3

  • Free time:Activities, beach or day trip to Aka Island
  • Bicycle rental ~ explore Tokashiki Island, Geruma Island, or Fukaji Island ~

Day 4

Check out. Back to Naha by ferry

Tokashiki Island : Tokashiki Island is the largest island in Kerama Islands. There are a couple of war memorials dedicated to the villagers who committed mass suicide during World War Two.

Kabuto Yaki BBQ : Kabuto Yaki is a feast of chargrilled-Tuna Kabuto. The helmet of tuna is grilled with salt and eaten with ingredients gathered around the Kerama Islands.



  • ・Sea Friend Tokashiki

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