March 09, 2023

EISA & OKINAWAN DINNER: Okinawan Dance + gastronomy

Your MUST-VISIT SPOT in Okinawa: Eisa Dance show over Dinner

Enjoy Shabu-Shabu at the over-100-year-old traditional rustic house!
Local Youth welcome you with the Eisa dance

This is a dinner show where you can enjoy the powerful Eisa up close and personal. Since the performances are given by local youth groups, unlike professional groups, you can see authentic Eisa passed down in the local community. You will also be allowed to touch the instruments used, dance with them (Kachashii Dance), and enjoy interacting with the local people. You can rent a quaint old house and enjoy shabu-shabu using Okinawan beef and pork.

Shabu-Shabu Dinner
Beautifully marbled local beef!
Gyoza and local juicy Agu pork
Vegitables and udon for Shabu-Shau

Eisa viewing (15 minutes), followed by a 5-minute performance of Kachashii, a dance associated with Okinawa. You are welcome to join in this dance loved by the locals. You can also take a commemorative photo with the Eisa dancers. You can also touch the unique musical instruments.
And, of course, you can enjoy a nourishing meal.

Eisa performance by local youth

Watch, enjoy, and join the cultural encounter in Okinawa.

Travel requirements

Area: Okinawa Prefecture

Anticipated targets: Affluent Europeans and Americans (families, honeymooners, couples, and DINKs with experience traveling to Japan multiple times) or incentive corporate trips.

Travel concept/theme:・Goumet・Cluture・History

Anticipated no. of participants (minimum):2 person

<Private Experience>
From 120,000 yen, duration 2 hours (Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a quotation.)

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