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Meet real Sumo wrestlers in Ryogoku the Sumo Town

Sumo the national sport in Japan.
Ryogoku area is well known as a Sumo town since the Kokugikan, the sumo arena is located at this area.
Once you visit this area, perhaps you can see Sumo wrestlers with Kimono nearby the Kokugikan.
However, since taking nap time is also their training, it is hard to run across with sumo wrestlers, and having conversation with them is pretty difficult.

Therefore, we started those tours that you can get close with them!

1. Watch Sumo morning practice:
Visit Sumo beya stable and watch the morning practice just in front of them.
You will be amazed by the forcefulness of them for sure!

2. Sumo demonstration performed by ex-sumo wrestlers:
Ex-sumo wrestlers will perform some prohibited techniques and winning tricks in the Sumo match.
After watching their demonstration, enjoy having Chanko-nabe hot pod, the traditional Sumo food.

3. Walking tour with ex-sumo wrestler in Asakusa and ryogoku
In this tour, the ex-sumo wrestler will attend to your party and guide all about Ryogoku and Asakusa area. if you were lucky, you can enter to the Sumo stable and challenge arm wrestling with sumo wrestlers.

Sumo stable is not open for the public usually, so it is quite hard to see the real life of the sumo wrestlers.
So, do not miss this oppotunity to visit Sumo beya stable.
Please inquire us if you have any question.

Picture reference:
The official match is held 6 times in a year, and 3 of them will be held in Ryogoku area. (Jan. May. Sep.) The admission ticket is very popular in Japan, so if you are planning to go to the official match, you should buy the ticket 2 months prior to the booking date from website!