Fukushima , Food & Drink / 2hour

Sake Brewery Tour and Sake Pairing with French Cuisine

From 8,500 JPY

Tochigi , Food & Drink / 9hours

Historical Ashikaga Gakko and Coco Farm Winery Tour from Asakusa

From 19,800 JPY

Fukushima , Food & Drink / 5hours

Customized Tour

Compare the taste of sake and the rice it was made from at a farm in Aizuwakamatsu

From 16,000 JPY

Fukushima , Art / 5 hours

Enroll in a traditional samurai school for a day

From 27,500 JPY

Kyoto , Family Friendly / 3.5 hours

Experience Home Cooking or ‘IZAKAYA’ food cooking class in Kyoto

From 10,500 JPY

Kyoto , Family Friendly / 3 hours

Japanese ‘Bento’ cooking class in Kyoto

From 10,500 JPY

Aomori , Food & Drink / 2hours

Lively Hachinohe Morning Market Tour in Aomori

From 3,500 JPY

Osaka , Food & Drink / 1.5hour

Osaka Local Foodie tour in Dotonbori – Osaka’s Soul food eating out!

From 8,500 JPY

Kyoto , Food & Drink / 1.5

Local Food Tour with Expert Guide in Downtown Kyoto

From 9,000 JPY

Kyoto , Art / 40minutes

Tea ceremony and Wagashi Making Experience in Kyoto

From 3,000 JPY

Tokyo , Food & Drink / 1.5hour

Pork Cutlet TONKATSU Cooking in Tokyo

From 8,300 JPY

Hiroshima , Food & Drink / 4hour

Best Seller

Hiroshima Cycling and Foodie Night Tour with Local Guide

From 16,500 JPY

Hiroshima , Food & Drink / 3hour

Best Seller

Hiroshima Local Bar Hopping Night Tour

From 7,500 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2 hours

Learn Sumo Culture from a Former Wrestler and wear a real sumo belt near Ryogoku

From 13,500 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2hours

Experience Real Sumo Wrestlers’ Everyday Life in Sumo Stable and Enjoy Sumo Dinner

From 11,000 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 1.5 hour

WAGASHI Japanese Sweets Cooking Experience in Tokyo

From 10,000 JPY

Nagano , Food & Drink / 1hour

Soba Noodle Making in Matsumoto, Nagano

From 4,710 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2 hours

Cooking class of seasonal everyday Japanese meals called “Ichiju-Sansai(One soup and three dishes)” in Tokyo

From 15,000 JPY

Kyoto , Food & Drink / 2hours

Best Seller Customized Tour

Kyoto Night Bar Hopping with Expert Guide

From 15,000 JPY

Tokyo , Food & Drink / 1hour

Best Seller

Private Sushi Making Class and Lunch in Ginza

From 14,700 JPY

Tokyo , Family Friendly / 2hours

Best Seller

Challenge Sumo Wrestlers and Enjoy Lunch

From 12,500 JPY

Tokyo , Food & Drink / 3hours

Best Seller Customized Tour

Sake Brewery Tour including Sake-Tasting Near Tokyo

From 15,368 JPY

Tokyo , Food & Drink / 2hours

Best Seller

Tokyo Local Food and Drink Experience with a Bar Hopping Master

From 13,000 JPY

Tokyo , Food & Drink / 2hours

Best Seller

Learn How to Make Sushi From a Professional Chef

From 9,500 JPY